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  1. Use your email to sign in.  Activate your account with the confirmation sent to your email.  Can't find your email? Check your spam!
  2. Follow the instructions and fill in your information as VeloPro walks you through each step
  3. Add a goal as you are prompted *
  4. Add a bike(s) under Profile<Bike **
  5. Return to your Dashboard to see your Training Plan

* In terms of setting goals, VeloPro focuses on preparing riders for their primary "A Goals" and recommends that riders target no more than 3 of those per season. "B Goals" are meant to be stepping stones or intermediate events in between "A Goals." 

** VeloPro Inc allows you to add bike profiles to your account, so that you can note which bike you used on a given training ride. In addition, VeloPro Inc uses the bike weight specified when calculating estimated watts (if you are riding without a power meter).


You can also "create an account" in the Knowledge Base  (see top right corner of this page) to access the community forum and "check ticket status" if you raise a support ticket with a question not answered in the knowledge base.